Technology ideas and solutions for the environment sums up Ladurner Ambiente’s mission.

For over thirty years Ladurner has been researching and developing technology ideas and solutions for environmental issues, by managing and preventing pollution (solid waste treatment and planning) and by intervening on existing pollution (wastewater and contaminated land treatment).

From the “passive” pollution prevention and solution approach, the corporate mission soon evolved into an “active” approach, with the Group becoming the first in Italy to transform waste into resources: not just using residual waste with high calorific value for waste-to-energy processes, but also using waste with high organic content to produce RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel), biogas to generate energy or biomethane and wet oxidation to generate renewable energy.

The mission’s further evolution consists in implementing and capitalising on all the experience acquired in treating waste and transforming it into products and resources and using the best technologies to offer integrated circular economy projects.

This constant research for innovative and virtuous technologies has led Ladurner to become one of the main players offering solutions in the waste and wastewater sector in Italy.


To ensure products and services are inspired by maximum customer satisfaction – and more in general the satisfaction for all stakeholders – the Management of the Ladurner Ambiente Group has clearly defined the mission of the companies in our group with the declaration of intents


as a common denominator across the group and based on the company missions has planned specific “commitments” which our companies aim to meet adopting a constant improvement approach.

This required the definition of adequate “integrated company policies for QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY, and occupational HEALTH and SAFETY”, policies that every company in the group is committed to respect and follow, promoting certain targets/objectives, clearly specified in the individual policies of each company in our group.