To carry out all activities in line with the mission, policies, and values adopted by the companies in our Group and in compliance with all applicable regulations and international standards, we have implemented and constantly and effectively maintain the “organisational and operational models” (Corporate Management Systems) mentioned below, which are integrated by our Group’s “Code of Ethics” and the “Organisational and Operational Model (MOG-231)” of our companies. The “models” (management systems) are certified as shown below.

LADURNER AMBIENTE SPA (company that directs and coordinates the companies part of the Ladurner Ambiente Group, coordinates the strategy of subsidiaries and holding companies, carries out administrative, control, and financial activities, supervises and coordinates quality, safety, and environment, manages personnel, coordinates marketing and sales, manages information and communication technology, manages contracts, tendering procedures, and procurement):

LADURNER SRL (company that designs and builds plants to treat waste and wastewater, and to produce energy from biogas; operates and maintains waste treatment plants; maintains wastewater treatment plants; characterises, plans, and carries out remediation work on contaminated sites):

LADURNER EQUIPMENT SRL (company that assembles components to make waste collection equipment and provides the relevant support):