Within the structure of the Group, Ladurner S.r.l. has always been the backbone of the business, first constructing plants and then managing industrial operations, which is considered essential to acquiring experience in the field.

Ladurner S.r.l. operates mainly as EPC and O&M contractor in the solid and liquid waste treatment plants sector.

Thanks to the technical department’s skills, in synergy with a number of internal specialists and the SOA required to operate in the environmental plant sector, Ladurner S.r.l. has developed and continues to develop new technologies to treat waste and recover energy, including composting, gasification, energy recovery, sludge anaerobic digestion and treatment, and to date has ensured a large number of EPC contracts with leading players in the market.

Its O&M activity has led the company to acquire new competences involving the most innovative technologies and their evolution. This consolidated experience has allowed to optimise operational performances and today Ladurner S.r.l. has O&M contracts in multiple treatment sectors across Italy.

Our plans for the future? In an extremely complex scenario, with so many issues in the fight against the climate and environmental crisis, we will focus on what we have always been good at doing: circular economy and recovering and recycling resources.” (Simone Paoli, WASTE AND WASTEWATER BU Manager)