• Collaboration focuses on green economy through Public Private Partnership (PPP) transactions
• The new company will operate under the brand name ‘TRANSPHORMA’, borrowing the rights, know-how, organisation and activities already started within the operating division of the same name of Ladurner Ambiente
• The goal over the next five years is to serve 1,000,000 citizens and to circulate 1,000 electric vehicles, resulting in savings of 20,000 tonnes of CO2 per year when fully operational
• Photovoltaic systems, recharging stations, batteries, vehicle depots and energy efficiency measures at water purification plants and/or waste treatment plants complete the business plan

Bolzano-Milan, January 2022 – Ladurner Ambiente SpA and Axpo Energy Solutions Italia SpA, the ESCO of Axpo Italia, have signed an agreement for the establishment of a joint venture company for collaboration in the green economy sector aimed at promoting public-private partnership projects to boost the circular economy and energy efficiency projects.
The term sheet agreement, which is preparatory to the actual investment agreement, to be signed no later than 31 March 2022, envisages the establishment of a limited liability company called ‘Transphorma Srl’ with shareholdings divided between Ladurner Ambiente SpA (which will hold the majority) and Axpo Energy Solutions Italia SpA.
The agreement will have a duration of 10 years and will see the company operate under the trademark “TRANSPHORMA” in its various forms and configurations, under licence from Ladurner Ambiente, which has registered the rights to use it in Italy and the European Union.
Ladurner Ambiente will bring to the company the know-how, organisation and activities already started within its operating division “Transphorma”, which has already presented and is preparing Project Financing for public entities with a catchment area of 120,000 inhabitants.
The goal, for the next five years, is to serve 1,000,000 inhabitants and circulate 1,000 electric vehicles with a CO2 savings of 20,000 tonnes per year.
The joint venture proposes itself as a new player on the market in the green economy sector and will focus its activities mainly on public-private partnership (PPP) operations for both public bodies and multi-service companies. Transphorma will be able to propose complete services and projects for the circular economy and energy efficiency covering the entire pathway: from design to implementation and management. Specifically, the company’s proposal will focus on the supply of vehicles with 0 or low CO2 emissions (electric, methane or hydrogen) and functional infrastructures for the operation of waste collection vehicles (vehicle depots, photovoltaic systems, batteries, recharging stations).
Thanks to the experience of Axpo Energy Solutions, the joint venture will enable energy-efficient operations of water purification plants as well as waste treatment plants, solid or liquid.
Ladurner Ambiente is a leading company of an international group active in the design, implementation and management of plants, products and technologies in the environmental and energy-saving fields, with thirty years of experience in the world of circular economy.
Axpo Italia was founded in 2000 during the transition to the free market and is today one of the largest players with a presence along the entire energy chain, fourth in Italy in the free market. Already in 2017 Axpo Italia established its Energy Service Company (ESCo): Axpo Energy Solutions
Italia, born from the spin-off of Axpo Italia’s Energy Efficiency division. This company develops efficiency, cogeneration, renewable energy and E-mobility projects. Axpo Italia has its headquarters in Genoa, and sales and representative offices in Milan and Rome.
The legal profiles concerning the joint-venture agreements were handled by the law firm LMCR with a team led by Roberto Rio and Elmar Zwick.