This involves funding of more than 60 million euros for anaerobic biodigestion plants with biomethane production to be built in Cupello, in Abruzzo, and La Spezia, in Liguria, promoted in project financing by Ladurner Ambiente in partnership with Snam and Iren respectively – The Abruzzo project ranked second out of more than 500 projects presented, while the one in Liguria completes a larger project already started in 2017 – Both projects respond to the satisfaction of primary needs in compliance with the ecological transition and circular economy in which Ladurner Ambiente has been active for years

The inside of the La Spezia undifferentiated waste treatment plant to which the biodigester of organic waste awarded by the PNRR will be added

BOLZANO – The Ministry of Ecological Transition has awarded two projects promoted by the Ladurner Ambiente Group with more than EUR 60 million in funding from PNRR, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. These are the anaerobic digestion plants producing biomethane from organic waste in Cupello, in the province of Chieti (Abruzzo) and Saliceti-La Spezia (Liguria). The funding – according to the final ranking list published by the Ministry, for which a total of 450 million euro has been made available – is part of Mission 2 “Green Revolution and Ecological Transition”, component 1 “Circular Economy and Sustainable Agriculture”, investment line for the “Construction of new waste management plants and modernisation of existing plants”

In Cupello in partnership with Snam

The Abruzzo project, presented by the municipality of Cupello as the site municipality of the plant, with the Civeta consortium as the implementing party, ranked second out of more than 500 projects submitted, with funding of EUR 20.5 million. This is a project financing project in concession that Ladurner Srl, a plant construction and management company of the Ladurner Ambiente Group, was awarded in 2014 and whose authorisation approval process has been protracted in order to incorporate technological developments and best management practices to make it a state-of-the-art plant for the production of biomethane. The recognition of the funding and ranking are confirmation of this, and now Ladurner will build it in partnership with Snam, one of the main national players in the field of gas.

In La Spezia in partnership with Iren

The La Spezia project, financed by PNRR with 40 million euros, also comes from afar and completes the project financing presented by Ladurner Ambiente and Iren in 2015, which envisaged the development in the Saliceti locality of a plant for the treatment of undifferentiated waste with the production of CSS, waste fuel, already realised in 2017, and a plant for the treatment of organic waste with the production of electricity then transformed into biomethane production. The plant, which will therefore enjoy significant funding, will be built by Ladurner in accordance with partnership agreements with the Iren group, the multi-utility operating mainly in upper Emilia, Piedmont and Liguria.

The NRP awards recognise Ladurner Ambiente’s activities in developing initiatives aimed at satisfying basic needs, such as the construction of waste treatment plants in full compliance with the ecological transition and circular economy.